Sunday, 31 July 2011


I love to see these happy flowers. Bright yellow always reminds me of sunshine, and those first daffodils in the Spring bring a brightness after the cold dull days of Winter.  To see whole fields of sunflowers is always special, and we drove past a number on holiday. Unfortunately never at a convenient place to stop and although I usually kept my camera on my lap by the time I had lifted it and switched it on, it was, apart from this one occasion, too late!

Now I have just 3 sunflowers in my garden, all planted at the same time.  One decided to flower whilst we were away whereas the others are only now flowering, mind you they did grow a lot taller.

Why is it though that when those happy flowers are supposed to turn towards the sun, they are facing in opposite directions?  It can't be the location as they are next to each other, not obscured by trees or anything, the sun was right behind me when I took the photo so they should have both been facing me!

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