Tuesday, 26 July 2011

For all Mums

Summer holidays have started and I know that for a lot of Mums life can become slightly stressful!  However much we look forward to not being governed by the school day, the hassles of homework and running around transporting to and from after school activities, there can be times when all that freedom can cause as much rebellion from our youngsters as the pressures of term time.  I know a few blogging friends who have other major worries and upsets in their lives at the moment and yet still need to keep going and putting on a brave face for the children.

Today I read something that reminded me of a wonderful song that a dear friend told me about. It always makes me smile and is a real 'pick-me-up' and I do hope that it will cheer you all too.

This is the official version, there are a number of others on Youtube and some show the lyrics if you are interested. 

I wish all you Mums a happy and relaxed summer holiday.

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