Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Now where was I ?

Isn't it amazing that the moment I have time to sit at the computer it promptly starts playing up!  Having downloaded all the photos from the camera to the computer it now will not let me look at them and just keeps telling me there is an error on Zoom Browser.  I am seriously unimpressed and will just have to be patient until hubby comes home.  Luckily he works with computers and apart from viruses can usually sort things out. 

Fortunately, hubby's photos are accessible, so I can find something to show you.  We drove there taking four days to arrive at our final destination and passing through Belgium, (I will tell you about that another time), Luxembourg and France and Switzerland. This was where we had a picnic lunch, up in the mountains with lots of wild flowers around, and next to this pretty gurgling river.

After Switzerland it was on into Italy.  Can you see the buildings right in the middle of this picture?  That's where we were staying, an old farmhouse in a very remote location, surrounded by woodland and wonderful views, it was south of Bologna and not far from the border of Tuscany.

The farmhouse was owned by an artist and the interior was quite amazing.  However as the computer and/or Blogger now seem to be playing up with fonts changing at random and changing colour, and layout altering,  I shall give up for the moment and hopefully post more later.

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