Thursday, 21 July 2011

Do Come Inside...

Do come on in and have a look at the amazing interior of the farmhouse.  Shall we go through this little door?

Or may be this door up the stairs behind the creeper covered tree trunk might be better.

How about this for an incredible interior.

So many super carved wooden flowers everywhere.

And yes, that is my dear hubby who fortunately for me loves cooking so I didn't do any at all whilst we were away! Everything inside the farmhouse was made by the very talented artist owner, Giuseppe Rossi

The little door in the top photo belongs with these ones supporting the large table.  All the doors and windows opened, making a really magical fairy world. I know that if my children were younger they would have spent hours playing with these tiny houses.

Giuseppe had stripped all the bark from this creeper, I can't imagine how long it must have taken to do.

There was lots of wildlife around us and I have never seen so many deer. Numerous times jays flew across in front of us, they were far too quick to photograph though.

Some of the wildlife I was happy to leave well alone, unlike a certain member of the family!


The bottom one is a mayfly and was very much alive unlike the poor grasshopper that was found dead. It was suggested that the snails would be good for supper but I declined that option!

 Having now retrieved all my photographs I realise just how much I have to tell you and show but boring things like shopping and cooking beckon, and I haven't even started contemplating the ever growing ironing basket!



  1. Oh, it's all WONDERFUL! What a fantastically fun place to stay. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  2. What an amazing place - really beautiful! And I do sympathize about the ironing!

    Pomona x