Thursday, 4 August 2011

Recognise these?

There was lots of delicious food in Italy, and  ice-cream was an absolute necessity every day! After all, there were so many Gelateria and each one had a large selection. In fact I wouldn't be able to select a favourite, not one was a disappointment!

As the weather was very hot, ice-creams needed eating fast so I don't have any photos, but I did find some other interesting foody things to show you. How many do you recognise?

Hopefully this one isn't too difficult. I wish we had this variety of bean in our greengrocers though.  (Apologies for the font which appears just as I want in draft but magically changes itself when published!)

Aubergines - but not as we know them!
I think the shape of these is a giveaway! They are such a pretty colour and look so pretty. We had some of these for supper one evening.

Another easy one, but what an amazing shape and a giant size - I have never seen such a large pepper!
I have to say that this is the first time I have seen these for sale!  Unfortunately, we were all sorted for dinner that day.  Do you recognise them?  I have some growing in my garden but never seem to get more than a couple ready at the same time.  I keep seeing recipes for them - stuffed and then deep fried - I would so like to try them.  Shall I tell you, I bet some of you recognise them - courgette flowers!  

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