Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day

I do hope all you mothers had a lovely day yesterday. I was very spoilt and as well as flowers had cards from all my three children, and all home made which really pleased me.  Two of them were traditional cards...

and the third was of the edible variety!

At Church our vicar always told us that it should be Mothering Sunday as in the past it was traditionally the day when people went to their mother church.  It was also the day when girls in service would visit their mothers and take them a simnel cake so perhaps this is the reason why it now is often known as Mothers Day.  Those mothers must have been very happy to see their daughters.

I wonder how many people give their mother a simnel cake now?  We always associate it with Easter.  Perhaps we should make our simnel cakes now to let them mature?  I have a feeling that in our house it would not last until Easter though, far too tempting.

I gave my mother a non-edible present, a slight adaptation of the 'gift card' I made.   

Filled with lavender and rose petals this time and lots of beads stitched on. 

I used a heart button in the centre of the bows.

The only piece of ribbon I had in the right colour was unfortunately too short to attach it to a card, and stitching the beads on took somewhat longer than I estimated, so my dear daughter kindly stepped in to make a card for me.

Card embossed and butterfly die cut on our new toy - I will tell you about it another time - she painted it and added sparkle.  The fine nozzle and glue from Glitter Magic are perfect for those fine details, I had to order a new bottle of glue recently as we used the first one up.  The original nozzle is still perfect thanks to the pot it comes in which you fill with water so it does not get blocked.