Friday, 23 May 2014

More knitting!

I do like to have a knitting project on the go, preferably something straight forward that I don't need to concentrate on too much.  After the last, rather large project, it was great to do a small one, although on smaller needles so it did take quite a while to do!  This little baby blanket was fun to do as you see what pattern you get as it knits up!  True to it's name the Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect wool did indeed give a fair isle effect without the need to change colours.  This mix of pinks, greens, blues, whites and lilac was ideal for a pram blanket especially not knowing what sex the baby would be.

Little Anna Rosa arrived very promptly, before the knitting was finished, but this did ensure I sat and got on with finishing it very quickly! The border was knitted on smaller needles so the sides were worked after the main piece and it seemed to take forever to stitch them up.

What is my next knitting project?  Well, having enjoyed knitting this I have started another one for a baby due at the end of July.  Have to say though that a large sewing project has been taking up most of my time at the moment though - photos to follow!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Busy Days...

Where do all the days go to I wonder, each week seems to rush by and before you know it you are into a different season.  Having got around to downloading images from my camera though I realise just how many things have been happening.  Looking back through them it's rather like a photo diary and although I know not everything has been captured I am glad that there is a record of most.

Back in April we spent a few days at the Norfolk coast, the weather was nowhere near as glorious as it is now but still nice and sunny and we made the most of it.

 So many shells on the beach it was hard to avoid stepping on them in places.

 Lots of birds to watch whilst out on our walks.

 And this mother duck did extremely well looking after her brood of 14 in the middle of Hunstanton.  We saw them every day and she did not lose a single duckling whilst we were there.

I love these chimneys with their fantastic patterns and I am sure they would translate into an interesting embroidery if I ever have time!

 I have been doing lots of crafting activities as well and next time I will show you some of my projects.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I have been having fun with a pattern from Cathie Shuttleworth recently.  This owl pattern was intended to make bunting and as there do seem to be a lot of owls around at the moment it is rather on trend.  Anyway, I haven't made that many yet and the owls have been making some jolly birthday cards.

I think putting the owls on at an angle makes them look as though they are flying off the card.  The first one has a button beak and for the next one I cut a section from a paper flower.  Usefully the wings fold in for posting so they fit in a standard envelope.

Standing this card on the mantlepiece for photographing made me think of the 'Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear.  When I inked the background of the card, intending to make it look like the sky, I actually thought it was rather like waves.  Thinking of the rhyme now and the 'beautiful pea green boat' the wallpaper is rather appropriate! These two little cats are from Japan though, a gift from a special friend who is working out there. 

Do take a look at Cathie's work, she has some fun ideas and her illustrations are wonderful.  Anyone who has been to the Hobbycrafts show at the N.E.C. this week may well have seen some more of her clever ideas, and I know several people who will like the owl cupcake holder! 

Friday, 21 March 2014

A finished Project!

Well so much for all good resolutions to blog more frequently!  Never mind, each new day brings a new canvas to fill, but the trouble is there always seems to be more than can be fitted in and so many things that I want to do.  I always seem to have a lot of projects on the go, some large and some small, and rather a large number of 'works in progress', otherwise known as the UFOs (unfinished objects)! 

 However, some projects do get finished and this one gave me a huge sense of satisfaction when I stitched in the last loose thread.  It took 18 months to complete but it was a project that wasn't worked on all the time.  I love having some knitting for long journeys in the car, as I mentioned in another post.  This blanket was knitted in strips, rather like a scarf, and some strips are all one stitch and in others I changed the pattern two or three times at random.  There was no pattern, I just knitted whatever took my fancy.  

Miss Mischief never misses an opportunity to snuggle on a blanket, even when you are trying to knit, so as soon as I spread this one out up she jumped, quickly followed by Master Trouble!

I think they knew to make the most of it as it would not be in the house for long.  My daughter had been hoping to take it to University last Autumn and then once she went she kept telling me how much she needed a new cosy blanket, none of the other ones would do!

It looks smaller on a double bed but is actually plenty big enough to wrap around her.

One happy daughter and one happy Mum!  And now there is another knitting project started.  Well I do need something for the car, although actually I have been doing a fair bit of the new one whilst watching television.  Hopefully I will remember to take some photos soon!