Thursday, 5 July 2012

The easy way to go on holiday!

Now the weather has been truly un-summer like here in jolly old England.  It rained for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations, cakes made by my daughter and her friend were eaten inside watching festivities, rather than at the local big Picnic in the park event.

It poured with rain on our wedding anniversary (but didn't dampen our happiness)!

It poured with rain on Monday when the Olympic torch came to town.  We were quite soggy by the time we got home.

Now I still have to arrange our summer holiday, and shall we go abroad or stay home?  Decisions are not yet made but if we do want to fly perhaps British Airways new service would be ideal.  Have you seen the advert for it yet?  Do have a look, and remember to put in your postcode or address.  Door to door service especially for you!

Actually a neighbour told me about the BA advert, Olympic themed and courtesy of CGI and Google Maps, you see a B777 taxiing up your own road.  I am not sure whether it only works in the U.K. and I am sure some of you will let me know, but it is rather fun.  The neighbour who told me has lived in the road for 58 years and said she also put in the address she lived at as a child and what a delight it was to see that house just as she remembered it.

Monday, 2 July 2012

It's getting close!

The olympic torch was in town today, there were huge crowds lining the route so although I got a few photographs there are a lot of heads in them!  It was a great atmosphere, lots of cheering and waving, and even police motorbike riders were waving back. It reminded me of the carnival.

Start of the vehicles leading the way.

The side of the Samsung lorry was like a giant television screen, great fun!

These specialised lorries must have cost rather a lot

The flame is here - just about visible over the top of the flag!

That's it! Another 2 seconds and it had gone on its way but I am glad we went to see it.