Saturday, 14 May 2011

Patience and it's reward!

I had a new cookery book for my birthday, 'Mad About Macarons! Make Macarons like the French' by Jill Colonna.  Well I did go a little mad this week making them, but practice makes perfect so they say!  The patience bit doesn't come in the actual making of them...

nor in the trying to resist eating them, although where are the rest of the raspberry ones?

patience isn't even tested too badly in the filling of them - I can put them on a tray and watch television whilst doing this!  Did anyone watch 'The Apprentice' this week?

The worst bit of patience is before you start - separating the egg and then storing the egg white for 4 days before you get to make your macarons! Mind you it is a close thing as having made your macarons and cooked them, then filled them you cannot eat them!  Extra patience needed to wait another 24 hours or 36 in the case of the chocolate! Why must we wait? To allow the filling to blend with the shells.  Is it worthwhile?  Definitely, but in our house VERY tricky.  They need to be counted and a note put on the fridge door!


Why was it so important not to let them all get eaten this week?  Well a macaron birthday cake seemed ideal for my son, especially as he was the one who bought me the book!  A mix of raspberry, pistachio and chocolate. Poor boy, he's feeling old at the grand age of 19!


  1. Sue,
    I am so pleased that you had so much fun making all of these macarons. They look fabulous - and what a great macaron dome cake! I just love your notes on the fridge: great idea! Why didn't I think of that one? ;-) Happy birthday to your son. He had a great plan, giving you the book for your birthday, too!

  2. These are fabulous Sue, I know what you mean about patience though and the book is great isn't it. You have been very busy, you can see my first efforts at I used to live in Northampton now in France. I like your blog.

  3. love your macaroons.. i tried to make them, but I still need to practice to get them perfect.

  4. How fabulous - i wouldn't know where to start with macaroons! they look so pretty and the cake is a brilliant idea. Thanks for visiting me - Bettyx

  5. suuueeee, who were you baking for, a party of 5 thousand. I have to say ive never tried them but they look good x

  6. Wow, wow, wow! Are you going to try some gateau Saint Honoré now, too? Lovely to meet you - thanks for your comment.