Friday, 20 May 2011

It must be the start of summer...

Now I wonder why? 

After all it's only the middle of May.

Any guesses?

Well, on my way home from work the other day I spotted these in the hedgerow...

Had to take a closer look and enjoy the scent...

and of course pick some!

Are you all keeping up with me?  What is it did someone ask?


 Elderflower cakes are a must of course! 

Very yummy, light and summery, and don't last long in our house!  Then again, most cakes don't!  But I then got to thinking about my new recipe book, and my new delight of making macarons.  Would it possible to incorporate elderflowers into them?  Well after looking at lots of options I decided perhaps  the Orange Blossom Macarons recipe would work, swapping orange flower water for elderflower cordial.  I didn't add any colouring although the macarons did colour slightly in the oven.

Declared a success by all, although hubby (not a cake lover but definitely a macaron lover!) thought they would have been better a little less sweet.  Elderflower cordial is obviously very sweet, so has anyone any other ideas?

All suggestions very welcome, and I think perhaps I shall have to challenge Jill - after all she is the Queen of Macarons - the definite authority - and the author of my lovely new book!
In the meantime, time to enjoy them, the tea table is ready - I think they would also be rather good with Elderflower Champagne, pity we don't have any!

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