Monday, 30 May 2011

Are they taking over the world?

Well, you remember those apple jackets?  Yes, I know, lots of people have said, "why would you want one?", and "as useful as the crocheted tissue box covers", and one person did suggest a crocheted banana jacket would be better!  It would be a challenge though and I did think it had got to be worth doing at least one - a fun addition to the lunch boxes! (If there's only one, then it will be a surprise as to who gets it!)   A definite talking point and good way of winding up the boys! 

There has been lots of chat on the blogs about apple jackets.  Have a look on Google images, and put in crochet apple jackets - there's a mere 1,640,000!  All sorts of colours and styles, I thought this was something new, but reckon they must have been around for quite a while.

I am really impressed with Coco Rose though, do have a look at her work,

considering the date of this blog entry, she's a really fast worker, the magazine had barely come out then!  She does have a lovely blog, well worth taking time to look at. 

So first job, learn the stitches.  Well there's only one - double crochet - and having found instructions in two books I made a start. 


Now, Kirstie learnt to crochet and made a crochet box all in one television programme!  Admittedly she did have an expert next to her.

My first 2 attempts were too awful to show you!

Attempt number 3 - was an improvement...

Probably best to let the picture speak for itself.  It did resemble a gnome hat, or as someone suggested, perhaps it would be a carrot cosy!

I don't know about jackets but attempt number 4 was another hat...

And as for number 5!!!

Well it isn't a hat!  But perhaps there is a problem with my apples. 
After all I can nearly fit 2 in!

So how will attempt number 6 go?

Still a work in progress, so wait and see!

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