Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Little Hats

I am currently supposed to be knitting a blanket for my daughter, it is rather a long standing work in progress having been started well over a year ago.  It is rather well travelled as I like to knit in the car especially on motorways, not when I am driving I would hasten to add!  This blanket has done lots of travelling in England over the past year, especially with many University visits and also accompanied us on two trips to France so far.  My daughter is constantly asking if it is finished yet as she really wants to take it to Uni and she has pointed out that the weather is getting colder hence an even greater need.  However, I have to report that it is still a UFO, one of those many unfinished objects that I wish were completed.

I am pleased though that I managed to knit a dozen little hats for Innocent Smoothies.  
They have an annual campaign requesting people to knit or crochet little hats which are put on botttles of Smoothie drinks and sold in shops.  For each one sold the company give 25 pence to Help the Aged charity.  Some people knit some amazing designs but they obviously have a lot more time than me.  Do have a look at the website they are great fun.  Although I hadn't intended to make any, I became aware that the deadline was extended, presumably because they needed more hats and these very simple ones were quick and easy.  

Twelve little hats decorating my halloween display.  I made Esmeralda the Witch ten years ago so my daughter, who drew her face, must have been 8.  I should have taken a close up photo to show you.

Here she is with all my hats.  They look a bit Christmassy in red and white so maybe someone buying one will use it as a Christmas decoration.  I happened to have some red wool around and then they needed something to brighten them and the white wool jumped out the cupboard first.

You can see Esmeralda's face a little better in this photo, and the hat she is holding is very special so needed to be shown on it's own.  This little hat was knitted by my eldest son's girlfriend, a very talented artistic young lady but she hadn't done any knitting since she was 7 years old!  Having mastered this so speedily there will be no stopping her - perhaps she will help finish the blanket!

This is a most unusual squash, Miss Pusscat thinks they all smell interesting!  I cannot decide which way up I like it best.

Friday, 18 October 2013

A fun day out!

Guess where I went to last weekend?

Here's a big clue.

Well there is no mistaking this skyline, it has to be London, and of course there is one place where you get such a view and it is Alexandra Palace.

Why was I there?  Well here's a little clue...

Don't know if you can read the sign behind the taxi, but it was the Knit and Stitch Show.  This taxi was the first thing I saw and it was totally covered with knitting and crochet.

Love this 'field' on the bonnet, complete with picnic, toadstalls and all sorts of creatures, even snails!

This wing mirror had a bird perched amongst the flowers.

If you saw this driving around it would certainly brighten your day.  Of course everything inside was great too, there is always more than you can really see in one day.  It is great to watch all the demonstrations and speak to the artists.  I think the furthest travelled has to be Dale from Australia, she certainly had some unusual things too - still not sure what I will do with sea urchin spines but couldn't resist buying some.  I did manage to resist her porcupine quills even though they were painted brilliant colours.

It was very busy inside and I was too engrossed most of the time to take photos but this work did catch my eye.  

All the work by this lady was equisite, such tiny stitches and attention to detail.

These leaves are done with a button hole stitch, hundreds of stitches in each one.  They are based on stumpwork which I have never tried.  A magnifying glass must surely be a necessity.
I didn't buy her book but if you are interested... 

I did buy some things though and will show you some soon!

The times they are a changing

Look what I found on the ground today

Lots of them were scattered around.  I love the glossy shine and the softness inside those prickly shells.  Time to bring out my Autumn plate with the painted leaves to make a little display.  

Little Miss Pusscat has managed to leave them alone so far but I bet she won't for long and I am sure they will soon be scattered all over the floor.

I have two very confused cats at the moment they cannot quite work out why two members of the household are hiding in the computer!  They hear the voices and see moving images but just where are the bodies!  I don't suppose they will ever understand Skype but it certainly works well for the rest of us to keep in touch with these two...

My two youngest have both gone to University this Autumn, both to study History but one has gone north and the other south.  It would have been helpful if they could have gone in the same direction!  It really has been a big change in this house but what an exciting time for them.  I love this photo of them, it never fails to make me smile! They were 5 and 2 then and were so pleased with their Sticklebrick model although I cannot remember what it was supposed to be.

This photo was taken on holiday in France this summer so rather more up to date.  As you can see my son still has that lovely smile and my daughter still has her beautiful blonde hair.  Isn't she lucky to be naturally blonde.