Friday, 18 October 2013

A fun day out!

Guess where I went to last weekend?

Here's a big clue.

Well there is no mistaking this skyline, it has to be London, and of course there is one place where you get such a view and it is Alexandra Palace.

Why was I there?  Well here's a little clue...

Don't know if you can read the sign behind the taxi, but it was the Knit and Stitch Show.  This taxi was the first thing I saw and it was totally covered with knitting and crochet.

Love this 'field' on the bonnet, complete with picnic, toadstalls and all sorts of creatures, even snails!

This wing mirror had a bird perched amongst the flowers.

If you saw this driving around it would certainly brighten your day.  Of course everything inside was great too, there is always more than you can really see in one day.  It is great to watch all the demonstrations and speak to the artists.  I think the furthest travelled has to be Dale from Australia, she certainly had some unusual things too - still not sure what I will do with sea urchin spines but couldn't resist buying some.  I did manage to resist her porcupine quills even though they were painted brilliant colours.

It was very busy inside and I was too engrossed most of the time to take photos but this work did catch my eye.  

All the work by this lady was equisite, such tiny stitches and attention to detail.

These leaves are done with a button hole stitch, hundreds of stitches in each one.  They are based on stumpwork which I have never tried.  A magnifying glass must surely be a necessity.
I didn't buy her book but if you are interested... 

I did buy some things though and will show you some soon!

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