Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Little Hats

I am currently supposed to be knitting a blanket for my daughter, it is rather a long standing work in progress having been started well over a year ago.  It is rather well travelled as I like to knit in the car especially on motorways, not when I am driving I would hasten to add!  This blanket has done lots of travelling in England over the past year, especially with many University visits and also accompanied us on two trips to France so far.  My daughter is constantly asking if it is finished yet as she really wants to take it to Uni and she has pointed out that the weather is getting colder hence an even greater need.  However, I have to report that it is still a UFO, one of those many unfinished objects that I wish were completed.

I am pleased though that I managed to knit a dozen little hats for Innocent Smoothies.  
They have an annual campaign requesting people to knit or crochet little hats which are put on botttles of Smoothie drinks and sold in shops.  For each one sold the company give 25 pence to Help the Aged charity.  Some people knit some amazing designs but they obviously have a lot more time than me.  Do have a look at the website they are great fun.  Although I hadn't intended to make any, I became aware that the deadline was extended, presumably because they needed more hats and these very simple ones were quick and easy.  

Twelve little hats decorating my halloween display.  I made Esmeralda the Witch ten years ago so my daughter, who drew her face, must have been 8.  I should have taken a close up photo to show you.

Here she is with all my hats.  They look a bit Christmassy in red and white so maybe someone buying one will use it as a Christmas decoration.  I happened to have some red wool around and then they needed something to brighten them and the white wool jumped out the cupboard first.

You can see Esmeralda's face a little better in this photo, and the hat she is holding is very special so needed to be shown on it's own.  This little hat was knitted by my eldest son's girlfriend, a very talented artistic young lady but she hadn't done any knitting since she was 7 years old!  Having mastered this so speedily there will be no stopping her - perhaps she will help finish the blanket!

This is a most unusual squash, Miss Pusscat thinks they all smell interesting!  I cannot decide which way up I like it best.

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