Friday, 18 October 2013

The times they are a changing

Look what I found on the ground today

Lots of them were scattered around.  I love the glossy shine and the softness inside those prickly shells.  Time to bring out my Autumn plate with the painted leaves to make a little display.  

Little Miss Pusscat has managed to leave them alone so far but I bet she won't for long and I am sure they will soon be scattered all over the floor.

I have two very confused cats at the moment they cannot quite work out why two members of the household are hiding in the computer!  They hear the voices and see moving images but just where are the bodies!  I don't suppose they will ever understand Skype but it certainly works well for the rest of us to keep in touch with these two...

My two youngest have both gone to University this Autumn, both to study History but one has gone north and the other south.  It would have been helpful if they could have gone in the same direction!  It really has been a big change in this house but what an exciting time for them.  I love this photo of them, it never fails to make me smile! They were 5 and 2 then and were so pleased with their Sticklebrick model although I cannot remember what it was supposed to be.

This photo was taken on holiday in France this summer so rather more up to date.  As you can see my son still has that lovely smile and my daughter still has her beautiful blonde hair.  Isn't she lucky to be naturally blonde. 

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