Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's a hard life!

It's such a hard life being a cat, totally exhausting having to help with all the chores.  Well, mine seem to find it so! 

Essential to check there is no washing left in the machine.
Watching to see that the washing then gets pegged out. (Most definitely not allowed on tables or worktops in the house but garden tables seem to be regarded differently!)
On guard in the raspberry patch to stop the birds eating the fruit.

Checking that only gardening waste goes into the brown collection bin AND multi-tasking by having a wash!  

Bath time means keeping an eye on that duck and of course checking the bath water!


  1. What a cutie! One of ours fell in a bath of hot water when a kitten doing just what yours is doing in the last pic!! She didnt do it again after that though but her brother always does toilet inspection standing on the seat and peering into the bowl!! They are so funny aren't they?!!

  2. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for your kind words about my painting. Well if you are the kind of woman who has many interests and also wants to get things done then this paint is seriously good. I have just been perusing your blog again and I do enjoy your ability to write interestingly about interesting stuff! Writing is not my forte but I do feel that otherwise we have quite a bit in common. My tabby is very much like yours and loves water (toilet, bath, puddles). He also loves a massage but will bring home some not quite acceptable presents. Love the holiday post as well.

  3. Lovely blog - the italian house looks amazing, perfect for little ones...I am very tempted so thanks for sharing! Annie

  4. Those cats are up to mischeif again x

  5. Hi there,I found you through Kazzy,A mermaids purse , I love your little blog and have become a follower,your cats are so cute!take care,