Saturday, 17 May 2014

Busy Days...

Where do all the days go to I wonder, each week seems to rush by and before you know it you are into a different season.  Having got around to downloading images from my camera though I realise just how many things have been happening.  Looking back through them it's rather like a photo diary and although I know not everything has been captured I am glad that there is a record of most.

Back in April we spent a few days at the Norfolk coast, the weather was nowhere near as glorious as it is now but still nice and sunny and we made the most of it.

 So many shells on the beach it was hard to avoid stepping on them in places.

 Lots of birds to watch whilst out on our walks.

 And this mother duck did extremely well looking after her brood of 14 in the middle of Hunstanton.  We saw them every day and she did not lose a single duckling whilst we were there.

I love these chimneys with their fantastic patterns and I am sure they would translate into an interesting embroidery if I ever have time!

 I have been doing lots of crafting activities as well and next time I will show you some of my projects.

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