Monday, 9 December 2013

Birthday cards

Slightly behind but thought you would like to see two special birthday cards I made in November.  This one was for my mother.

A Coffee and Walnut cake with one candle for each whole decade...

And here is the birthday girl herself with her eldest grandson.

And this card was for my father.

I made the marbled paper a long time ago and it reminded me of the sea so I added real sand, tiny shells and seaweed.  I really love tiny shells and can happily spend hours on the beach searching for them.  The 'Happy Birthday' was a peel off sticker as I thought it could easily be removed if the card was going to stay out longer than usual and I had a feeling it might well do.  Sure enough a month later it is still on the windowsill, minus the sticker.


1 comment:

  1. Those are so cleverly made. I always thought I should like to make cards but it turns out that I have no aptitude for it at all. Never mind, I shall admire those made by others.