Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Easter

One bunny

 Two bunnies

Three bunnies


 If they are very lucky there may soon be two more!  

Just need to find where the stuffing has been 'tidied' away, it has to be somewhere!  

I enjoyed knitting these little egg cosies, a nice pattern, well written, means they knit up quickly, and as I still have some wool left it seemed a fun quick project to do.

 If we are at home for Easter I do try to make a table decoration, but was surprised that I couldn't find any narcissi to put into this oasis ring.  These little flowers did the job perfectly though.  The little egg shell baskets just needed a finishing touch and gave me the opportunity to try making some paper flowers.  Miniature beads in the centre gave a more realistic touch, and with mini eggs inside were popular.

I normally pick forsythia and flowering currant branches to decorate with eggs and chicks.  Small sprigs also go into the oasis saving the necessity to buy flowers for it.  Last year the flowers were almost over but this year they are so far behind they are not open yet.  I cut some and brought them into the warm hoping to force them, and the forsythia obliged but the pretty pink of the currant has still not opened.

I took the bunnies and table decoration outside to photograph as we actually have some sunshine this morning, and a few little Spring flowers peeping through.  We could have done with some sunshine yesterday when we went to Lyvedon New Bield

Built over 400 years ago, there is no longer a roof or floors but you can go inside and listening to the audio guide can easily follow the story and picture all the rooms.  

The frieze running around the outside of the building tells the story of the Passion, so although I didn't know this before we went it did seem appropriate to visit at this time.  

It was a very cold afternoon, much too cold to stand still long, but we enjoyed a brisk walk around the gardens.  I think we will try to go again in the summer, I am sure it will look very different then.

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