Thursday, 24 January 2013

Decorations everywhere!

Well here it is, my beautiful Christmas present from my daughter.  All hand stitched by her and far too lovely to pack away.  It is in the dining room and looking across the room it has a real 3D look.  A real treasure it makes me smile every time I see it.

Nature is giving us her own special winter decoration at the moment and I have been wearing wellies for a week now as there is still snow on the paths.  I love looking at the snowflakes.

Looking out across the snowy gardens I spotted rather an unusual snowman, unfortunately I can only see the back of it, but it is on the roof of a garage!  I think it looks as though it is in a giant shoe but hubby thinks it is a plane. 

I have two snowmen in the garden and my sons have been doing lots of sledging and snowboarding!   My daughter and her friend built an igloo.  It took them quite a time but it's not often you get enough snow to make something like this.

The cats both love the fresh snow, rushing out to play in it, then back inside and laying as flat as possible on the heated kitchen floor until warm, then off outside again.  Chasing snowballs is a favourite game and Marlee will even stay outside shivering if someone is throwing snowballs.  I have never seen a cat shiver like her before, but she is quite small.

Even though Samba is much larger the snow was still deep for him.

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