Sunday, 19 August 2012

Harry Pottering Cake Games

My daughter is Harry Potter mad, along with several of her friends, and for a recent 2 day Harry Potterathon ( watching the films non stop) I became inspired the other day to join in with the fun.

First I made an ordinary fairy cake mix, split it into 6 bowls and added different flavours.  Any guesses what they might be?

Baked as normal it becomes even harder to see what they might be.

Does a closer peek help?

Next I made icing in six different bowls and added different flavours to each.

Hard to tell the difference isn't it, so here's a little help.

Now to add some colouring and then ice some little cakes.

A sprinkle of glitter and there you have the finished article.


Well the cake and icings are different flavours and the colour of the icing does not match the flavour at all, so perhaps a little message is required.

Oh what fun!  Will they guess?  Perhaps I should give them the answers so a little message on an envelope.

Open the envelope and what is inside?  Another envelope!


Oh, I am a bit of a tease!  Inside the second envelope I did give them the answers.

I wonder if you would have guessed?  The taste of some was quite easy, such as mint and lemon.  Cherry and ginger were not too tricky, but lavender cake and rose icing was likened to bubble bath!  Not sure that I have ever tasted bubble bath!  Not sure that I wish to either. 

I grew up with the delights of Enid Blyton and the Famous Five but although all my children enjoyed those books Harry Potter had a firm place in their childhood.  I well remember a 6 hour journey back from Cornwall in the car with a 4 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old, all totally enthralled by Harry Potter as an audio book.  We only stopped once the whole journey and that was very briefly as they were missing the story and could not wait to get back in the car!

I have to say that making the cakes did take up rather more time than a normal batch of fairy cakes and if I do this again I would probably start the day before, but as it is the summer holidays it was rather fun to 'play' with the cake making.


  1. ooh those cakes look yummy, teasing your poor kids hehe x

  2. That is a really clever idea - I can imagine it must have taken ages though!

    Pomona x