Thursday, 19 April 2012

How was your Easter?

We celebrated Easter in Cornwall this year, in a lovely cottage in Porthleven on the Lizard Peninsula.  I could not take all my Easter decorations but did slip two bunnies into my case and bought some tulips when we got there.  Easter eggs were put into a large bag and there were strict instructions not to squash it in the boot of the car! 

I also packed some knitting and managed to make 3 little egg cosies.  I do love this pattern from the very talented Julie Williams and knitted 5 last year, although 3 soon went hopping off to new homes very quickly.  What about the remaining 2 you may wonder?  Well, as my eldest son was working and could not come with us I left them at home guarding the secret of where some Easter Eggs were hidden!

The bunny pattern is available here, and if you check out Julie's blog you will see that she is currently fundraising for a very worthy cause and one of her Spring Bunnies will be given in a prize draw to one lucky person making a donation.

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  1. That is such a lovely, pastel photo. I'm glad you had a great Easter and I love your bunnies! I need to tidy away my eggs and bunnies (and chicks) now, but I don't really want to...