Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sunshine and Showers

I've been meaning to write this since Sunday but other things have been jumping in the way!  Despite it pouring with rain all day on Sunday I had lovely sunny thoughts in my head from the day before and my day out in London where I was able to meet up with fellow bloggers.  So with the lovely company of Floss, Ang, Sarah, Stephanie, Seranata, and Lisa we started at the V & A, and enjoyed 'The Cult of Beauty' before going on to the Festival of Britain exhibition at the Southbank Centre.

Lots of memories from people visiting the Festival in 1951 really gave an insight into the impact it had on them, especially after the austerity of the war years.  There was lots of photos and memorabilia but if I had to pick a favourite item it would have to be the large quilt, 'Patchwork of the Century'. This was originally from the Women of the Century exhibition in Twickenham and according to the information panel, the 100 squares were made by 80 women who had no previous experience in needlework.  I was surprised by this as I thought most women at that time would have learnt to sew either as a necessity or for the wealthier as it would have been a usual leisure activity.  All the materials used were from old tablecloths, airforce uniforms and blackout fabrics so sticking to the traditions of patchwork. Each square shows a different historic event starting from the Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace.

and the first successful sewing machine in 1852

and finishing with building the Festival Hall in 1950.

 Thank you Floss for organising this splendid day.

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  1. It was lovely to meet you - I hope to get to the South Bank another day, it looks really good. I arrived home just in time for the party girl, which was lucky!

    Pomona x