Sunday, 4 March 2012

Olive Oil and Crafts


Olive Oyl and Popeye, that takes me back.  I used to love watching this cartoon on the television when I was young.  I recently spent an afternoon looking at olive oil.  Not this Olive, but the genuine oil, and not only looking at it but smelling and tasting it too.  Why you might wonder?  Well Fortnum and Mason were kind enough to invite me to join their tasting panel to help select the new season oils they will be stocking.

The tastings took place in The Crypt, a wonderfully atmostpheric room.

Over the course of a week, over 130 oils from all over the world were tasted.  The entire collection was on display, all carefully numbered.

However, there were no clues as to which we were tasting and we were told to ignore the colour as it would be misleading and when we did taste them this was true, the colour gave no idea as to what it would taste like.