Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A different type of Rose

I love the scent of Rose Geraniums and having managed to successfully keep my plant over the Winter it's actually grown to a reasonable size.  So when I spotted a Rose Geranium cake recipe it sounded worth trying.  First though, you need Rose Geranium sugar, easy to do, just put some leaves in a jar with sugar.

One jar ready - but has to infuse for several days. Groan! Why when I fancy a cake does it always take extra waiting time.  I suppose the answer is that all good things are worth waiting for! 

 And the verdict - it was worth the wait! The rose scent had definitely worked it's magic in the sugar and when making the cake you put rose geranium leaves in the bottom of the tin, put the mix on top, then after cooking turn it out and peel off the leaves.  A real delicate rose flavour, it was yummy just as it was but very, very yummy with blueberries, raspberries (from the garden of course) and topped with cream!


  1. It's INCREDIBLE, Sue. I've just discovered this, too, and made macarons with the leaves the other day. I never thought of keeping them in a jar with the sugar. You're brilliant! When you make the cake with the leaves, do the imprints still show? I can imagine the taste is sheer heaven!

  2. The taste is really delicious, but no, the leaf prints didn't show. Sounds interesting making macarons with the leaves though, I shall have to try them.